The Graveyard…

Posted: April 8, 2020 in Uncategorized
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“No!”  The small figure stirred through a drug induced sedation.  They had to try, they had to warn him.

The abandoned graveyard,  balanced on top of a tall column of rock, emerged from the sea like a giant mushroom.  It was nightfall; reflections of the sunset covered the surface of the water, rippling with the gentle breeze of the warm summer evening.  Long since visited, the graveyard had become an overgrown entanglement of creeping vines and brambles with the graves left forgotten by all but the insects that lived within.  All except one; it stood encircled by a ring of freshly cut grass and beautiful blue roses that wrapped around the carefully carved headstone.  As the boy breathed in deeply the smell of grass made his nose tingle.  

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