The girl…

Posted: April 9, 2020 in Uncategorized
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In one smooth motion she leapt onto Mac’s back, wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her fingers into his large neck.   With her other hand she grabbed onto his bicep and pulled as hard as she could to try to get him to drop the gun.  Mac tried to shrug the woman from his back, thrashing about in numerous directions to move her into a position to grab her but her grip was too strong.  No matter how many times he reached round for her he couldn’t touch her.  She knew that she was no more than an annoyance to him and he would get her off eventually, but if only she could give Thom some time.  

Her efforts were short-lived.  A single gunshot echoed through the island and Thom saw the woman gently slide to the ground and lay crumpled on the floor.  Her blonde hair was matted with sweat and covered her small, tanned face.   She was just a girl barely older than himself, sixteen at the most.  Thom stared at her face; not a flicker of life ran through it and her eyes were closed.  Reilly stood a few feet behind her with his gun still outstretched as he looked at the twisted body of the girl, her blood escaping from her side and pooling on the dusty soil below.   He could not see her face but Thom could and her features mesmerised him.  

He knew her; he’d seen her before but as a small child.  Images rushed into his mind of her playing on a garden swing; chasing after him as he crawled into the sea; a birthday party, his?  Each one came quicker than the last till all he could see was a blur of flickering pictures like an old fashioned flip book of familiar but forgotten faces.  He was so engrossed it took him a moment to realise she was staring straight at him, her blue eyes, once closed were suddenly bright and alert.  “They won’t kill you, they need you alive but you have to get away,” he heard her say but her face remained motionless, not a single movement from her mouth or throat could be seen.   “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be ok.  You know what you have to do Thom.”   And her eyes gently shut once more as she returned to her lifeless state.  

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