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Thom teetered on the edge of the cliff staring down at the crashing waves below.   He had only one choice…if he was going to get off this island he had to jump.  The water was maybe thirty feet below, not a great distance, but he could see the waves breaking on the visible rocks, the white foam covering their jagged edges.  He knew his best chance was to jump further out to miss the base of the island and with a giant leap he threw himself off the cliff and into the sea beneath.

The water felt cold as he plunged into the frothy sea.  He had taken a huge breath and he hoped it would last him a minute or two, long enough to make them think he was dead.  

Through the muffled sounds in his water-filled ears he could hear the sound of gunfire.  They were shooting, firing randomly into the water with the hope of hitting him.  It had been nearly a minute and Thom could feel his lungs emptying and the longing to breathe overwhelming him.  But they were still firing, he couldn’t risk coming to the surface.  Every muscle in his body began to convulse as his muscles filled with adrenaline, his body fighting for survival.   His chest ached and he could feel water slowly entering his mouth and slipping down his throat.  As he writhed about in the water, with his body suffocating and his brain shutting down, Thom battled to focus his mind.  He had to keep control of his body, just a few seconds more and they would be gone.  ‘Just think about home’ he told himself over and over again as the water blackened and the desire to breathe began to fade.  It was over.  His body no longer thrashed and a warm swathe of dizzy relaxation washed over him.  Thom gently closed his eyes and the blackness consumed him, the sound of gunfire disappearing gently into the distance.   

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