he-IpTNa.jpgI am a writer!  There, I said it…phew! For years those have been the hardest words to say; instead I hid my passion away like a naughty secret.  I thought if I told people they would laugh, or even worse, ask to read something!  Letting others read your work is terrifying.   You’re opening up your mind for someone to explore and, after writing a few stories, I have realized that my mind is a very strange place indeed!

So for years I kept my characters in my head, not allowing anyone to see the weird and beautiful lives they were leading.  I would think about them often but never let them escape into the public.  But, after a belly full of dutch courage, I decided to start this blog and allow people to read my work for the first time.

By day I am a performing arts lecturer but by night…well, I’m still a lecturer because there is always planning and marking to do! However, when i get a moment i like to write; mostly tales of twisted realities and mixed up characters.

Thank you for taking the time to read my stories. I am very new to the world of writing, still exploring my style and any comments would be most welcome!

  1. Vera says:

    Hi Lou, I know exactly how you feel… just keep writing!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog, I’ll keep checking yours. :°)


    • Lou Hornsby says:

      I certainly will Vera but if you have any more tips on motivation I would love to know them! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll look out for your posts. Good luck on the daily challenges! x


  2. navery101 says:

    Thank you for following my blog…will be back to read more stories you have posted!


    • Lou Hornsby says:

      I found your blog very interesting, particularly your recent post about short stories. I will certainly be looking out for your new posts and I hope my posts will interest you too! x


  3. Phil says:

    You are lovely! And thanks for perusing my modest writing blog.


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